Three friends having fun at an Alamo Drafthouse movie party.
More Than a Theater

A Unique Franchise Opportunity

Alamo Drafthouse® Cinema is a dine-in theater concept, focused on providing a distinctive entertainment and hospitality experience to its guests. Each location features upscale food and beverage service at every seat, a themed bar for pre- and post-movie conversation and signature programming. With a world-class net promoter score, it’s no wonder this brand has built a loyal consumer following. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has set the standard in dine-in cinema for more than two decades with a relentless focus on creating an excellent moviegoing experience, a commitment to innovation, and continuously exceeding guest expectations.

Whether you already own a theater that you think may be a conversion opportunity, are looking to retrofit an existing building, or are developing a new build from the ground up, our franchise system offers the help you need.

Poised for Growth

History has proven that despite advancements in at-home entertainment technologies from the television, to the VCR, to streaming video on-demand, movie theaters continued to bring box office growth year after year. Why? Because people crave out-of-home entertainment experiences. There is nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen in a room designed for an immersive audio-visual experience, with an audience to share in the collective laughs and gasps that make going to the cinema so special. Not to mention, Alamo’s differentiated food and beverage offerings, themed bars, curated pre-show content, movie parties and events that create an all-inclusive night out like no other. 

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to the movie exhibition business. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is emerging in a robust position to succeed after restructuring the company’s balance sheet and streamlining operations. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the only premium dine-in movie theater available for franchising. As a result, the brand is in a unique position to grow and thrive with new franchise and corporate locations in the development pipeline. 

39 Theaters
321 Screens
Our vision is to be the BEST DAMN cinema that HAS EVER or WILL EVER exist.
Tim League, Founder & CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema