Three friends having fun at an Alamo Drafthouse movie party.
More Than a Theater

A Unique Franchise Opportunity

Alamo Drafthouse® Cinema is a dine-in theater concept, focused on providing a distinctive entertainment and hospitality experience to its guests. Each location features upscale food and beverage service at every seat, a themed bar for pre- and post-movie conversation and signature programming. With a world-class net promoter score of 80 points, it’s no wonder this brand has built a loyal consumer following. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has set the standard in dine-in cinema for more than two decades with a relentless focus on creating an excellent moviegoing experience, a commitment to innovation, and continuously exceeding guest expectations.

Poised for Growth

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the only premium dine-in movie theater chain available for franchising. As a result the brand is growing faster than ever, with over 40% venue count growth in the last two years.

In a streaming world, movie theaters continue to flourish with consumers seeking entertainment outside of their home. The North American box office revenue continues to grow year after year. In fact, five of the past seven years set box office records.

A 2018, Ernst & Young conducted a survey of 2,500 respondents. The study showed a positive relationship between moviegoing and streaming in that those who attended movies in theaters more frequently also tended to consume streaming content more frequently.

41 Operating Theaters
319 Screens
Our vision is to be the BEST DAMN cinema that HAS EVER or WILL EVER exist.
Tim League, Founder & CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema