"Coolest Movie Theater in the World"

Innovative Theater Design

No two Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are exactly the same, as a result of a bespoke design philosophy. A flexible prototype is available that can be adapted to the market and site. Every location is designed with an homage to movies, including a themed bar and box office with integrated retail.

Superior Dining Experience

All food is prepared in-house from scratch and focuses on a blend of film-inspired and American classics and served at your seat. Every location offers between 24 – 50 local beers on tap and a craft cocktail menu that can challenge the best bar in the market. Most venues also feature a stand alone bar on site, giving guests an easy destination to continue their pre and post-movie dining experience.

Best-in-Class Theatrical Presentation

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas offers state-of-the-art theaters that are designed with best-in-class projection and sound, leveraging the latest in technology. However, the unique and diverse approach to film programming is what truly sets Alamo apart from the competition, and keeps the guests coming back. By showcasing the very best first-run releases but also offering a mix of independents and classics, the average Alamo shows 10x more titles than other chains. Also unique to Alamo is the custom pre-show content designed for every film and the strictly enforced “no talking, no texting” policy that makes Alamo a sanctuary for movie lovers.

Powerful Branding Engine

When you are in an Alamo Drafthouse, you know it. The authentic brand voice and personality is a key differentiator that has helped build a passionate community of brand enthusiasts. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is known for delivering iconic special events, movie parties, live performances, multi-course film feasts, and in-person appearances by filmmaking talent. The brand loyalty programs, Alamo Victory, Victory Vanguard, and Alamo Kids Club are designed to reward frequent guests for doing what they are already doing, going to the movies. Alamo also offers a monthly subscription program, Alamo Season Pass, that allows guests to attend unlimited movies, up to one per day. No matter what the experience, the ultimate goal at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is to ensure every guest has an AWESOME experience and is EXCITED to come back.

The Drafthouse is the pinnacle of the movie/food experience.


Own your Own

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